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I'm Jane; I believe phone fucking should be fun!

Potential Desired Qualities in Phonesex Fuckfriends:
Open-minded, nasty, articulate, vocal, non-judgemental, well-rounded, sexually explorative, enthusiastic, curious, and unafraid to share true desires.

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Sincere high-quality phone sex can be hard to find. It can be inconvenient. Hell, even LOW quality phone sex can be unpredictable! When you call those 900 lines WHO KNOWS who'll be on the other end of the line!?!

I am a 30-something woman "working" from home doing phone sex. I hesitate to use the word, "working" because I don't know anyone else lucky enough to masturbate for work . . . yet that's what I get to do! My work is varied, stimulating and often intensely pleasurable. I also run my own amateur porn site under the name "TastyTrixie". Some people frown on my latest career move into the sex industry, but I'm proud of myself and delighted by the freedom and fun afforded by being a self professed "webwhore".

Whenever you call me only ONE person will answer my extension. ME. And if you don't like me, there are shitloads of other smart sexy women on Niteflirt for you to choose from!

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